Welcome to X Bar.


A new experience to the Shanghai music scene.


A marriage of minimal & chic, our new contemporary space at No. 7, Donghu Lu, Xu Hui District, in the heart of the bohemian Former French Concession, allows us to host evenings with an intimate vibe in both indoor space and outdoor terrace settings. Influenced by the amalgamation of soviet minimalism and the warmth of hedonistic 1970s chic living, our bar & terrace will be a place to enjoy the very finest life has to offer and become a home frequented by guest DJs and fashion houses alike.


X Bar is an expression of the Alter. foundations of music and creativity in a bar specialising in carefully chosen natural wines and artisan cocktails with a spicy twist curated by mixologists. A medium in which taste & sound can both be savoured, our specially designed menu will feature both classics and creative cocktails using Chinese ingredients. The epicurean lounge space will have a focus on our gin based cocktails during weekdays; the weekend will cue the morphing of the space with the creation of a living and breathing Alter. dancefloor alongside an elegant bar space both designed by award-winning Harvard GSD alumnus, Brendan Kellogg.


Your night will be soundtracked by meticulously selected tracks unique to each evening affair with DJs reaching to the very depths of their vinyl collection and playing some of their most personal and treasured records; expect the very best cuts of disco, funk, soul and house. The music will ensure every night has its own distinct vibe according to the individual and collective feel of our guests.


X Bar will be the home of a community of likeminded individuals, an exciting & dynamic space for pop-up events and an intimate experience to every guest that passes through doors.

欢迎来到X Bar。




全新而极富现代感的X Bar坐落于法租区中心地带徐汇区东湖路7号,在这里我们将极简与摩登的艺术完美结合,室内空间与室外露台的共存使我们总能营造出温馨的夜晚。融合了苏维埃极简主义与20世纪70年代的享乐主义的时尚生活的影响,我们的酒吧和露台将成为享受最美好生活的场所,并成为DJ和时尚达人经常光顾的家。


X Bar延续了Alter对音乐和创造力的表达,体现在酒吧提供的精心挑选的天然葡萄酒和调酒师精心调制的富有艺术气息的鸡尾酒上。我们的菜单经过特别设计,希望成为一种既可以品尝味道又可以品味声音的媒介,我们还将提供采用中国食材制成的经典鸡尾酒和创意鸡尾酒。在工作日,我们将注重于为各位提供基于金酒,并成为享乐主义者的休闲区;而在周末我们将通过创造生活和呼吸的Alter来暗示空间的变化。我们的舞池和优雅的酒吧空间均由屡获殊荣的哈佛GSD校友Brendan Kellogg设计。


我们将确保您在X Bar的每个夜晚都得到极致的音乐享受,每个晚上的演出都独具特色,DJ会深入到他们的黑胶唱片收藏中挖掘,播放他们最珍贵的唱片——你可以尽情期待最高质的迪斯科,放克,灵魂和浩室音乐。我们的音乐选择也将基于客人的个人和集体感受,确保每个夜晚都有其独特的氛围。


X Bar将是志趣相投的人组成的一个紧密社区,是一个有趣而充满活力的快闪空间,并为每一位入场的客人提供最富于灵魂的体验。