Yet another masterful performance by the world renowned label head, Dixon. A historical evening where Alter., Rainbow Disco Club and Redbox Asia placed one of the globe’s most sought after selectors in an incredibly intimate venue in the heart of Shanghai. Cultivating a vibe that got the dance floor moving in its entirety; Dixon moved through ethereal deep house cuts, to exciting tribal house and beyond - an event showcasing the very best of house music. Not only our DJs but the beautiful crowd provided an incredible vibe and supreme energy to the occasion. 

Our track of the moment...

Settling the electrified and expectant crowd, Dixon opened with a track one would expect to be played as an emotive closer, Trikk’s new release on Innervisions ‘Marazul’. Then gently building track by track from this emotional start he eventually created a frenzy very rarely experienced on a Dixon dancefloor culminating on the drop of Armonica’s ‘Samburu’. Dropping this South African deep house gem, he moved the dancefloor into what can only be described as ‘mayhem’. Bodies moved from the front to the back of the room and arms were hurled up into the air. With a rare smile on his face, it was at this very point Dixon knew, the crowd knew, we were in for an evening of monumental proportions.

Listen here... Armonica - Samburu [Madorasindahouse]