Energy, energy, energy - an evening with a supreme party atmosphere! Delivering the groove from minute one all the way through to the early hours of the morning in this incredible 4 hour set. Bambounou gave us smiles, dance moves and an evening of incredible high tempo house and techno. Playing some of the grooviest tracks ever to be played out on Fallout’s phenomenal custom TPI sound system; our Shanghai crowd fell in love with the eclectic Parisian’s enthusiasm, jackin house, hip-moving techno and French hip-hop!


Our track of the evening...

Dancing into our third hour of what can only be described as ‘Bambounou’s party’ the man dropped this absolute trance cult classic. The many that knew the track belted out those infamous synths in euphoria and those that were experiencing it for the first time were looking around and struggling to comprehend how it was possible that they had been taken from sixth to seventh gear. An incredibly fun set had just been topped by this ridiculously fun tune.

Listen here... Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade [Kosmo Records]