Moved by rhythm and inspired by sounds from every corner of the world,  Alter. aims to create electrifying experiences and a  community of creatives.  

Alter. has been hosting a series of vibrant, forward-thinking events featuring internationally renowned DJs, as well as the finest musicians in Shanghai. We place sonic and visual art in carefully selected, intimate and distinctive settings in Shanghai. 

The nightlife in Shanghai lacks the perfect environment where sophisticated and creative people can come together and enjoy quality music. Alter. started when two experienced event planners decided to join forces to fill in this gap. Collaborating with most of the venues in town, and with over 130 archived events in the last five years, Alter. aims to create a new statement in the music scene.

We create magical moments during our events - each time people come together they become one united crowd, their souls filled with the emotion music conjures and they are given a chance to escape from ordinary life.

Together we dance and free the mind... 

Alter. 是一家专注于提供电子音乐体验的活动品牌,我们成立的初衷是将世界各地的优质电子乐带来上海,在上海组建一个充满创意与活力的电子音乐社区。 


Alter. 一直致力于让每一场活动都充分发挥其最大的热情与魅力,我们邀请来自世界各地的知名DJ及音乐人——声音与视觉艺术在Alter. 的精心策划下交织融合,成为上海夜生活中一道独特而亮丽的风景线。


上海目前仍然缺乏一个可以把富有创造力的人们聚集在一起,享受高品质音乐的平台。Alter. 的成立则是带着这样的愿景,希望能够在上海提供优质的音乐活动。在两名具有丰富经验的活动策划人的带领下,我们在过去的五年里几乎在全城最独特的场地举办了共130多场活动,我们希望大家看见Alter. 在上海电子乐领域的大胆尝试与创新。


在活动现场,我们总会创造出神奇的时刻——常规的距离感被轻易打破,彼此的灵魂被音乐吸引,Alter. 也因而有幸成为人们逃离日复一日平凡生活的契机。